Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cloak & Dinner: The Art Walk Invite



Yeah. I was wondering how much something like this went for.

One hundred and thirty thousand dollar.

Get the fuck out of here!

[laughing] No, I cannot! It's serious! Because it's very important piece.

From ashen scrawls on the walls of Cro-Magnon caves to vibrant vistas rendered on canvas in glowing realism, humanity's artistic prowess has cemented our status as elevated lifeforms and established a language that every subsequent generation will understand. Tonight we praise a handful of the masters, the artists who reflect their small slice of history with dedication, passion, and bravado. With each course you'll take another step through a gallery that spans our favorite epochs of creative history, seeing the world at once through an artist's eyes and a chef's palette. It's often stated that every great meal is truly a work of art. Allow us to finally remove all doubt.

~ nicole iizuka | sean brogan | isaac zucca | matt portman ~

Please join us for the 8th Cloak & Dinner supper club. Details below.

2 seating times || 10 Seats || 5 Courses + 2 Cocktail

Saturday January 28th, 2012
First Seating || 6pm
Second Seating || 8:30pm

Location will be given out once you have a confirmed spot.

Please visit our event on Gusta to enter the lottery & if you're picked (by to attend I will email you further payment instructions by Monday January 23rd.  You may request either 1 or 2 seats, and if you register for both times, we will only select you for one of them. You will then have until Wednesday January 25th to pay otherwise your spot will be given away.

First Seating:
Second Seating:
** if you have any food allergies, let us know. will do our best to accommodate.**

A few other nit-picky notes
please plan to be on-time and for the dinner to last approximately 2 hours
there will be 2 cocktails included, with the option to purchase additional drinks at the bar
you are also more than welcome to BYO, beer, wine, soda
this dinner will be on a rooftop, so dress appropriately for sundown

Previous Dinners + Photos
Any other questions, please check out our FAQ

First Seating

Second Seating

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