How’s this new Lottery RSVP System going to work?

We will send out our regular email invite (perhaps with a riddle or two to solve) with an “RSVP by” date.  You will be allowed to request either ONE or TWO seats.  If you don’t specify the number of seats, or if you try to request more than two, we will delete your email.  Once the “RSVP by” date hits, we will throw all of the RSVP’s into random.org and pick the lucky diners.  You will receive a confirmation email if you’re selected.  We will also select a waitlist.  If you don’t receive a confirmation email, then good luck for next time!

How do we know when you’re doing your next dinner party?

Follow us on twitter!  @cloakanddinner || @nicolemiizuka || @seanbrogan || @isaaczucca

What’s on the menu?

It’s a secret!  Part of the fun is having the full menu revealed night of… however we will accommodate any food allergies & the like (don’t want to break out any epi pens in the middle of dinner).   However we do like educated guesses & welcome them via twitter!  Our dinners are themed, so you can pick up a hint of the tone via our invites.


We operate on a suggested donation.  The amount we include in the invites is our bare bones minimum to cover the cost of buying the food & drinks, however tips are always welcome!

No shows/cancellations.

Just don’t do it.  It’s frankly just rude & in this era of technology & communication you should absolutely be able to let us know well in advance if something comes up.  If you cancel within 24 hours & we can’t find a replacement off the wait list, then we ask that you do the right thing & help contribute to the cost of the food.   If you’re a total no-show, then that’s it.  You will be banned from any future dinners.

Any other questions we didn’t answer?